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BKP02 - Beekeeping: Taking Care of Your Hive
During this one-day introductory beekeeping course, Paul Benoit will touch on: • Why you should keep bees • Introduction to parts of a hive, pollen trap, propolis mat • How to use a smoker and open a hive without getting stung • Facts about the beekeeping industry • Basic anatomy and life cycle • How bees make honey • Where to get bees and start your hive • Diseases, what to look for, different control methods • What to feed your bees, including how to medicate, if necessary • When and how to move your hives • Adding supers, requeeing, swarm control • How to harvest honey, pollen and beeswax • How to prepare your hive for the winter

Cont Ed Class
Corequisites N/A
Credits 0.00
Credit Types No Grade

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