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RFL01 - Ready To Ride Motorcycle Safety
18 Hours on-bike training. Overview: This program is designed for riders of all skill levels who want to achieve their Class 6 Motorcycle license or would like a refresher course. The program includes classroom instruction using full multimedia presentation as well as extensive on-bike training. 18 Hours of On-Bike Skill training. On-Lot and On-Road Training. Gravel Road Riding. Low Speed Maneuvers. Emergency Maneuvers. Dealing with obstacles. And much more &hellip. To successfully complete this course, choose one PRACTICAL date as listed below and one THEORY date from "" here. Classes are subject to enrollment limits. Required: DOT approved helmet Leather gloves that cover the full hand and fingertips Full length pants and shirt sleeves of at least denim strength Eye protection Leather boots that cover the ankle Valid Alberta driver's license or learner's permit Students must be 18 years of age at the start of class.

Cont Ed Class
Corequisites N/A
Credits 0.00
Credit Types CE Pass Fail

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